Junior Pillow – White

Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

200gm – $194
300gm – $268


Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

Far Infrared Rays Good Energy Flow

  • This natural sunrise energy restores the body’s “Chi”
  • Increased energy flow helps activate our biological clock to respond to sunrise and sunset, by producing Serotonin (Happy and Energy Hormones) during the day and Melatonin (Sleep-inducing Hormones) during the night for quality
  • The increased energy flow helps make the child energetic and sociable
  • Increased energy flow helps to make your child a happy, active & keen learner by:
    • * improving his/ her energy level
    • * improving his/her attention span
  • Happy and energetic kids have a strong immune system to prevent flu viruses and common childhood ailments such as asthma and allergy

Negative Ions Good Blood Flow

  • Found in nature around waterfalls, beaches, forests, and in all Energia products
  • Helps to improve the oxygen flow & alkalinity in our blood
  • Increased oxygen flow helps to improve brain development and makes your child naturally happy & positive
  • Good brain development helps to develop smart & talented children


17" by 13" 200gm, 17" by 13" 300gm


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