Liver Detox

Functions of Liver

How are Gallstones or Liver Stones Formed?

Fat soluble toxins
eg. heavy metal, medicine, food additives, etc.

Liver secretes fats to wrap these toxins

Form liver or gallstones

Liver Detox Kit
Bio Resonance Magnetic Scanning

Bio Resonance Magnetic Scanning

(107 pages comprehensive report)
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1.The performance of your Heart, Brain, Gastric, Liver, lung, Bones, Intestine, etc
2.The presence of Heavy metal, Pesticides, etc
3.Tthe absorption of Vitamin, Trace elements, hormones, etc
4.The conditions of your Skin, Eye, etc

4 times Liver Detox

Pre-Detox Scan

9 times Liver Detox

3 times Liver Detox

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Effective Liver & Gallbladder Detox Programme

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Clinical report improved after 6 sessions Liver Detox Programme: