Corporate health talks

Why do corporate organisations work with Energia?

Healthy staff

  • Lower Medical cost
  • Less MCs
  • Higher productivity with positive work environment

Higher energy staff

  • More motivated!
  • More focused!
  • More creative, happier and healthier with no aches and pain

Build your own Corporate Wellness Corner at your office !

Why a Staff Wellness Corner is important  for your organisation?

  • High MC rates => Lower/No MCs
  • Tired, fatigue or low energy staff => Higher energy, higher productivity, higher creativity
  • Unmotivated staff => Highly motivated staff with happy work environment
  • High Staff Turnover => Higher Staff Retention

Improve your team's productivity by taking care of their health


Our corporate talks

FREE Corporate Health Talks

FREE Corporate Health Talk to improve your Company’s Productivity with Healthier, Happier and More Energetic Employees.

See if these are some challenges you face in your company:

  • High medical bills for your employees
  • High medical leaves
  • Unhappy employees due to health or/and physical pain or/and stress issues
  • Restless employees due to insufficient sleep
  • Concern about the recent Covid-19 virus global pandemic

If you face these challenges, we could help you, and all it required was to organize an online 1-hour lunchtime Health Talk on zoom. At Rev 22, we educate people on how the employees could improve their health NATURALLY & EFFORTLESSLY so that your organisation could reduce medical bills and medical leaves, and keeping your employees healthier, happier, and more energetic to improve the productivity of your company.

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