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Therapeutic Herbal Cream

Natural Remedy For

Health And Beauty Enhancement (Fast Acting)

Veronica Tan

Functions of Skin

Lymphatic Drainage

JFT Herbal Cream

Comes from essence of pristine plants, regulating endocrine, balance hormones and boosting immune system

来自原生态植物精华, 调节内分泌, 平衡荷尔蒙, 增强免疫系统

Provital, s.a. Pol. Ind. Can Salvatella – c/gorgs llado 200-08210 barbera del valles Barcelona (espana) Aptdo. 378 Formulated in Spain

Key Ingredients


Dioscorea Villosa

This herb from Spain is used for progesterone & estrogen manufacturing. It is used to help ease menstrual cramp


这种来自西班牙的草药 用于制造黄体酮和雌激 素。 它用于帮助缓解月 经来潮,调节内分泌, 针对 经前症候群, 改善痛经和 更年期问题。

Echinacea Purpurea Extract

Has been shown to improve immunity, lower blood sugar and reduce anxiety. It also improves skin hydration and reduce wrinkles.


已被证明可以提高免疫 力、降低血糖和减少焦 虑。 它还可以改善皮肤 水分并减少皱纹


Lycium Barbarum Extract

This herb is a powerful antioxidant known to fight against harmful free radicals and inflammation. It also has the ability to promote healthy skin. Research have shown it can balance insulin and glucose levels in the blood.


这种草药是一种强大的抗氧 化剂,可以对抗有害的自由 基和炎症。 它还具有促进 皮肤健康的功能。 研究表 明,它可以平衡血液中的胰 岛素和葡萄糖水平。

Lavender Water

A rich source of vitamins and mineral that is easily absorbed by the skin. It may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness.


富含维生素和矿物质, 容易被皮肤吸收。 它 可能有助于治疗焦虑、 失眠、抑郁和不安。

Aloe Vera

A natural moisturizer. It supports the production and release of collagen and has an anti-oxidant effect that can help to repair sun damage and slow down the aging process of the skin.


天然保湿剂。 它支持胶 原蛋白的产生和释放, 并具有抗氧化作用,可 以帮助修复晒伤和减缓 皮肤的老化过程。

JFT Herbal Cream Main Benefits


How To Use


Irregular menstration cycle or PMS (Premenstual Syndrome)

Apply on all 6 areas with emphasis on lower back and abdomen Poor sleep quality Apply on all 6 areas with emphasis on neck Unexpected weight gain on abdomen and lower body Apply on all 6 areas with emphasis on outer thighs. Gently pound on outer thighs after application for best results.


涂在身体 6 大部位, 并加强腰和腹部 按摩


涂在身体 6 大部位, 并加强眉颈按摩


涂在身体 6 大部位, 并加强腹部与大 腿外侧按摩 最好配合敲打大腿外侧, 达到最佳效果