Mother’s Day Crazy Sale


  • 1 x Energia Therapeutic Corset for Body Aches
  • 1 x Energia Socks
  • 1 x Energia “Water of Life” Beads
  • 3 sets of 3 Power Recharge Therapies (Recharge, Foot Detox and Eye Recharge)



Energia Therapeutic Corset

Recommended for those who not only desire to perfect their sleep by relieving their body aches, but also to those who want to experience its amazing benefits.

  • Improves blood flow and energy flow of the major organs around the waist such as liver, kidneys, pancreas, bone marrow and the reproductive organs
  • Improving sleep quality and removal of toxin
  • Improves digestion and bowel problems
  • Protects the body from radiation
  • Relieves lower back and waist joint discomfort

Energia Socks


  • Keeping the feet warm
    • For the elderly and during pregnancy
  • Support tired feet
    • For people who walk/run a lot during the day – athletes, marathoners, and frequent travellers
  • Improve toe health
  • Reduce ankle swelling and inflammation
  • Antimicrobial property that helps to inhibit bacterial growth and odour
    • For athletic feet or skin infection

The socks emit beneficial far-infrared energy which is capable of penetrating deep into the feet and the underlying tissues. The far-infrared energy increases the feet surface temperature that helps relieve tired feet, swollen feet and cold feet. The socks also release negative ions to improve microcirculation to the feet. The negative ions improve the absorption of oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding tissues. The increased blood circulation improves feet health by inhibiting bacterial growth and odour.


Energia “Water of Life” Beads

Therapeutic Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • Energized and ionized water
  • Break down fats, keeping arteries and colon clean and healthy
  • Maintain water pH level at around 8.5, counteracting over-acidity in the body
  • Anti-oxidant property that combats harmful free radicals and boosts the immune system
  • Detoxification and micro-cluster property that hydrates the body and removes toxins efficiently at the cellular level

The water molecules will then become micro-clustered for easier and faster absorption by body cells. They also hydrate the body and remove toxins more efficiently at the cellular level, helping to break down fats and keeping the arteries and colon clean and healthy. The mild alkaline pH of 8.5 of the water also helps to counter over-acidity in the body, while the anti-oxidant property helps to combat harmful free radicals and boost the immune system.

Hear What Others Say About Energia Therapeutic Beads

“I have had blackish skin tags on my legs for the past year, even necessitating doctors at the National Skin Centre to spray nitrogen on affected parts. However, the treatment did not help, and the condition got worse with pus coming out from the area. After a trip to Bama, where there were negative ions in the water, I poured a bottle over the affected area, and the pus went off. I was thus taken by the Energia Water Beads, that reminded me of the water from Bama. After using the water to wash the affected parts, the spots have lightened and my skin is now in better condition!”

Iris Teo Chay Kheng, UOB Staff


The Power of Energia Therapeutic Beads

Turn tap water into “Water of Life” with Rev22 Energia Beads. Upon contact with the Rev22 Energia Beads, the water will turn alkaline, get energized and become anti-oxidant. That’s because these beads are uniquely formulated with tourmaline and various minerals that emit far-infrared rays and negative ions.

• Naturally converts drinking water into alkaline and energy water (pH8.5)
• Revitalises your body and mind
• Enhances detoxification
• Hydrates your body effectively with its micro-cluster property

• Relieves skin itch and rashes
• Hastens cuts and wounds recovery
• Natural facial toner

Energia Power Recharge Therapy

The 3-in-1 Miracle Power Recharge Therapy uses a proprietary bio-resonance technology that uses gentle pulsating electromagnetic waves to recharge and regenerate the body organs to induce faster recovery of injuries, sickness & diseases. The combination of cell therapy (energy resonance on mat), light therapy (LED light with glasses) and sound therapy (Theta waves with ear piece) help to stimulate Pineal gland & Pituitary gland to secrete Endorphin (pain), Serotonin (energy), Melatonin (sleep), Dopamine (reward) & Oxytocin (happy).

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety (Dopamine)
  • Increases memory and attention span (Dopamine)
  • Eliminate pain (acute and chronic) (Endorphin)
  • Reduces inflammation (Endorphin)
  • Improves deep sleep quality (Melatonin)
  • Increases vitality and clarity of mind (Serotonin)
  • Increases memory and attention span (Serotonin)
  • Reduces stress and anxiety (Serotonin)
  • Regenerates body cells and bone structure
  • Increases tissue oxygenation for natural health restoration
  • May reduce the need for medication


Energia Power Foot Detox Therapy

Our feet have the largest pores in our bodies. The Energia Miracle Power Detox Therapy combines Iontophoresis with electrolysis, using Zinc Electrode and Himalayan Salt to create ionised mineralised water, similar to that of ancient traditional spa found in Roman Baths. The technology helps our body extract toxins (coloured crystals that we can see under the microscope) out into the water while absorbing the good minerals from the Himalayan salt into the body.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Enhance detoxification of the body
  • Increase energy of the body cells
  • Reduce body odour
  • Relieve congestions in body organs and tissues
  • Activate metabolic function
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve leg cramp and leg pain


Energia Power Eye Recharge Therapy

 Russian Technology


A revolutionary eye exerciser that uses colour impulse therapy to naturally stimulate the cells deep into the eye tissues that can effectively improve eye vision. This therapy is excellent for students, desk-bound workers, drivers or senior citizens, who spend long hours watching TV, using computers and smartphones. There are different programmes specially formulated for different eye conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Tired eyes
  • Dry or teary eyes
  • Red eyes