Energia Knee Braces

Keeping Your Knees Warm and Pain-Free

The Energia Therapeutic Knee Brace’s energy fibre is made of polypropylene impregnated with natural minerals that has a natural property to emit far infrared rays and release negative ions using nanotechnology.


Energia Knee Braces can keep your knees warm, healthy and reduces any knee discomfort. This knee brace clears your meridian channels through the emission of energy into your knee – the same effect as a knee massage. It is excellent for improving blood and energy flow to the knee.

Benefits of Energia Therapeutic Knee Braces

  • Keep the knee warm
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Reduce knee discomfort
  • Strengthen knee muscles
  • Improve blood and energy flow
  • Improve knee flexibility

The knee brace emits beneficial far infrared energy which is capable of penetrating deep into the underlying knee tissues. The far infrared energy increases the knee surface temperature that helps with keeping the knee area warm and reduces pain. The knee brace also releases negative ions to improve microcirculation to the knee. The negative ions improve the absorption of oxygen and nutrients into the surrounding tissues. The increased blood circulation is effective for strengthening the knee muscle and reduces inflammation.


Small (25 in), Medium (27 in)


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