Energia Gloves


Energia Gloves are made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is a specialized material, rich in natural minerals that hold the intrinsic property to emit infrared rays and release negative ions using advanced nanotechnology. They are recommended for people who experience body pain.


Energia Gloves keep your hands warm, safe and healthy through the fabric’s emission of far infrared rays and negative ions. They also prevent damage to the fine muscles in the hand. These gloves clear your meridian channels through the emission of remedial energy to your hands. They provide similar effects to a hand reflexology session. They are also beneficial in reducing numbness and cold hands caused by poor blood circulation.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Keep the hands warm
  • Improve flexibility of finger joints
  • Reduce joint swelling and inflammation
  • Improve finger and nail health
  • Excellent for sweaty palms
  • Excellent for finger numbness

How The Energia Gloves Work
The gloves emit beneficial far infrared energy which is capable of penetrating deep into the hands and the underlying tissues. The far infrared energy increases the hand surface temperature. This helps with natural pain relief by reducing inflammation and swelling.

The gloves also release negative ions to improve microcirculation in the hands. The negative ions improve the absorption of oxygen and nutrients in the surrounding tissues. The increased blood circulation boosts hand and fingernail health by inhibiting bacterial growth and odour. They are recommended for people who experience body pains.


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