Energia Therapeutic Pet Mat

2ft by 2ft – $386
3ft by 3ft – $627

Pet health in a mat, because our furry companions deserve the best too.

The Energia Pet Therapeutic Mat allows your pets to bask in negative ions and far-infrared rays, thereby improving the pH balance and quality of their blood stream. For healthy pets, the Energia Pet Therapeutic Mat is able to help improve the quality of their sleep; increase their energy level during the day; as well as boost their immune system for optimal health.


With the Energia Pet Therapeutic Mat, we are creating opportunities for all pet lovers to have a more enjoyable experience in caring for their pets. The Energia Pet Therapeutic Mat is also an ideal complementary therapy for pets that are recuperating from diseases or have undergone veterinary treatment and procedures.


2 ft x 2 ft, 3 ft x 3 ft


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