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Energia Junior Pillow and Bloster Set

Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

For children from newborn to age 3 years old

Size Age Pillow
Length x Width
Bolster Price
Small Newborn to 6 months 14″ x 7″ 18″ $286
Medium 6 to 18 months 16″ x 8″ 20″ $286
Large 18 months to 3 years 18″ x 10″ 24″ $349


Singapore dollar ($) - SGD
  • Singapore dollar ($) - SGD
  • Chinese yuan (¥) - CNY

Why Choose Energia Therapeutic Pillow For Your Child

Good Energy Flow

  • This natural sunrise energy restores the body’s “Chi”
  • Increased energy flow helps activate our biological clock to respond to sunrise and sunset, by producing Senotortin (Happy and Energy Hormones) during the day and Melatonin (Sleep-inducing Hormones) during the night for quality sleep.
  • The increased energy flow helps make the child energetic and sociable
  • Increased energy flow helps to make your child a happy, active & keen learner by:
    – improving his/her energy level
    – improving his/her attention span
  • Happy and energetic kids have a strong immune system to prevent flu viruses and common childhood ailments such as asthma and allergy

Good Blood Flow

  • Found in nature around waterfalls, beaches, forests, and in all Energia products
  • Helps to improve the oxygen flow & alkalinity in our blood
  • Increased oxygen flow helps to improve brain development and makes your child naturally happy & positive
  • Good brain development helps to develop smart & talented children

Hear What Others Say About Energia Junior Pillow

“Each time, after sending baby Otiszo for vaccination, he would come home with slight fever and he would always appear lethargic. After we had started to let him sleep on the Energia pillow, we noticed he was able to sleep very well both during nap time and at night. During his waking hours, he was a happy baby. We were amazed that after the last vaccination, he appeared very comfortable sleeping on the Energia pillow. There was no sign of pain, fever and lethargy.” – Valencis, mom


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