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FRESH AIR (Table top unit) – 24 Months Subscription

Air Steriliser, Purifier & Ioniser

Space Certified Technology

Coverage: 295 sqm or 3000 sqft

Subscription Details:

  1. Delivery with setup and training – Upfront payment $486 + GST
  2. Free servicing or replacement machine for any Fresh Air machine breakdown during contractual period.
  3. Free maintenance of filter x 2 (Once a year)
  4. Minimum contract 12 months* (Fresh Air is still property of Rev 22 Pte Ltd)
  5. Your company get to OWN the Fresh Air machine after 24 months of full payment
  6. Subsequent maintenance is $86 per year

*Click on the link to find out more

Original price was: $1,994.00.Current price is: $72.00. / Months For 24 Months

Singapore dollar ($) - SGD
  • Singapore dollar ($) - SGD
  • Chinese yuan (¥) - CNY

Fight Dust, Air allergens, Germs, Bacteria and Virus using Space Certified Technology

The ONLY 3-In-1 Premium Air Steriliser, Purifier and Ioniser at the comfort of your workplace


Coverage: 295 sqm or 3000 sqft

Benefits of using Air Steriliser, Purifier & Ioniser

  1. Space Certified Technology produce Super negative Ions that continue to clean the air outside the unit, actively searching for pollutants. Improve the Air Quality of your indoor environment.
  2. Create negative ion environment like living, sleeping or working next to a waterfall to improve blood flow, enhance alertness and oxygenation.
  3. Eliminate and reduce Airborne Contaminant, Germs, Virus and Bacteria to reduce incidences of respiratory problem such as asthma and bronchitis.
  4. Remove Air Allergens, dust, haze and particles in your indoor environment at home and at work to reduce incidences of skin allergy and sinus problem.
  5. Built-in Sanitizing (Away Mode) feature helps reduce mold, mildew and bacteria, germs and virus in unoccupied spaces.
  6. Remove Smell and odor like cooking smoke, new paint or cigarette smell
  7. With improved air quality and negative ions, improves deep sleep quality.


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