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Straits Times Energia Publication: Going the Natural Way

When faced with an immune system disorder, this former nurse sought out non-invasive wellness options – and now wants to share these with others too

The year 2000 turned out to be one of the lowest points of Veronica Tan’s life. Both mentally and physically stressful, the former nurse manager juggled a hectic day job of managing an elderly day care and rehabilitation centre, on top of taking care of three young children. Ms Tan believes that was what led to her being diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an immune system disorder that overproduces thyroid hormones. In addition to medication to control symptoms such as heart palpitations, body aches, chest tightness and fatigue, her doctors recommended surgery to remove the thyroid, or radioactive iodine treatment, which uses radiation to destroy the overactive thyroid cells. However, she declined those invasive treatments, worried about the irreversible side effects. She recalls: “It didn’t feel right to remove any organs from my body or destroy their natural functions. I knew deep in my heart that there had to be a way to help my body recover naturally.” Feeling helpless and conflicted, Ms Tan, 56, embarked on a decadelong on what she calls a “desperate search” for non-invasive treatments to help boost her immune system.

This ranged from supplements, alkaline water to using exercise machines and ionised mattresses. Although she felt more energetic, she continued taking medication to keep symptoms of Graves’ disease at bay. Then, in May 2010, Ms Tan tried an infra-red sleeping system at a health fair, which she claims, based on blood samples collected after using the device for nine months, helped rid her blood cells of toxins. Seeing how her body reacted positively to such a noninvasive method spurred her on to want to help others in a similar predicament. Just a month later, she quit her day job and started Rev 22, a therapeutics brand which offers Energia-branded services and products, that are non-invasive and pain-free, to help promote natural healing. Adopting a holistic approach to wellness, Energia works with naturopathic physician and bioenergy specialist Dr Michael Tan to offer therapy services that combine Traditional Chinese Medicine know-how with technology. For instance, the AcuGraph Energy Analysis uses diagnostics technology to monitor the “energy levels” of 12 organs through the body’s meridian points. The Power Recharge Therapy harmonises the qi (vital energy) at the diaphragm and is said to help recalibrate energy levels of organs for optimal function, while users lie on the mat. The treatment also adopts energy resonance technology that uses gentle electromagnetic waves to help relieve tiredness. It is integrated with a sound and light relaxation system.

Getting better sleep to restore the body

For those who enjoy a foot spa, the Power Detox Therapy is said to aid detoxification and cellular function by soaking one’s feet in ionised water with German Technology, a low electric current passing through it. Rounding up the therapy services is the Power Eye Recharge Therapy, a Russian Technology, which utilises light therapy with moving coloured lights to exercise your eye muscles that may help ease strained areas. Energia also offers a series of home care products such as sleeping systems and neck support.

Ms Tan, whose health has not relapsed in the last 11 years, hopes that Energia may help customers achieve deep-quality slumber, be it through one of its therapy services or sleep aids. “Some people might feel tired even after eight hours of sleep, as the quality of sleep is poor,” she explains. “It is only during deep quality sleep when the organs can naturally detox and repair, which alleviates stress and fatigue.” Ms Tan says Energia’s customers comprise mainly middle-aged women who grapple with sleep disorders, body aches and fatigue. Some are on long-term medications mostly due to medical conditions that stem from low body immunity. She observes that the Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated some ailments, causing a general decline in mental well-being among Singaporeans and leaving them feeling stressed. In such times, she believes it’s even more important to work to strengthen one’s immune system to guard against illnesses. “Our body has its own way of repairing and healing by itself if we know how to maintain the body’s terrain like a healthy pot of soil.”

11 years on, helping others in their wellness journey remains Ms Tan’s biggest motivator. She says,

“Nothing drives me more than witnessing my clients who were suffering from decades of pain, finally regain their health naturally and start to live well again.”

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