Morphing Mind Terms and Conditions

  • VIP Ticket Training Voucher is Valid for 1 month (from date given to Energia’s Customers)
  • This can be by email date (preferred) that Energia sent to the customers or
  • By whatsapp to them (date of the message)
  • Cannot exchange for cash or products
  • Only 1 redemption per user
  • Can extend to Energia customer’s families and loved ones
  • Can extend to Energia customer’s companies and staff
  • The Information you provide to redeem the Gifts will be shared between Morphing Mind (Arte Sensorial) and Energia for the purpose of administering the Gifts, providing product service information and for Accounting purpose. Thank you.
  • Promotions period : March and April 2022

Morphing Mind VIP Access to High Impact Mindfulness Training Program

Enjoy VIP Ticket Access to 11 hours of mindfulness and child development training program ($297) on 16 topics that is on top of most people’s mind presented at the Mindfulness & You Summit held on 17 and 18 December 2021.

Renowned speakers from medical, psychology, neuroscience and education spoke on a range of topics covering areas in strategies exiting Covid 19, achieving peak performance, mindfulness in the workplace, rewiring brain, stress and sleep management, nutrition, and nurturing creativity from young, etc. There is even a workshop on mindful art.

Some of the training topics are as follow:

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: Build a Resilient Workforce
  • Practical Stress Management & Holistic Family Health & Wellness
  • Secrets to a Deep and Restorative Sleep
  • Reduce Stress and Improve Attention with Zentangle® Method
  • One Stroke at a Time: Achieving Mindfulness through the Zentangle® Method Workshop
  • Mindfulness for Kids
  • Cognitive Skills are the Foundation for Success in Life
  • Discover How creativity Can Be Nurtured from Young
  • Bringing Mindfulness into Children’s Daily Routine