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Rejuvenate Your Tired Eyes with Miracle Power Eye Recharge Therapy!

Are your dark eye circles bothering you? Dark circles under the eyes can be a common concern for many people and may cause them to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Aside from that, the discomfort in your eyes could also be caused by over-straining them. If you’re experiencing eye discomfort, blurry vision, dry eyes, and/or teary eyes, your eyes are sending you signals that they’re tired. Lack of sleep, extended screen time, allergies, age, dehydration, and eye strain can all contribute to your eyes feeling tired. Discover how Energia Miracle Power Eye Recharge Therapy can help your eyes feel less tired and look better.

What Causes Tired Eyes and Dark Eye Circles?

Your day to day activities determine how tired your eyes are or how deep your dark eye circles are. Intense eye usage includes staring at computer screens, driving, and spending long hours in environments that are too bright or too dark for your eyes to see comfortably. Staying up late at night can cause dark eye circles to show, because sleep deprivation causes your skin to become dull and paler, making the dark tissues and blood vessels seem more obvious.

5 Traditional Remedies For Tired Eyes You May Have Tried or Heard of

Traditional or home-made remedies have been used by many to relieve tired eyes. These treatment methods may seem familiar to you, some of which you may have even tried yourself.

  1. Applying Cold Compresses

It can help reduce swelling in your eyes by constricting dilated blood vessels and minimise the flow of fluid into tissues.

  1. Getting Extra Sleep

Catching up on sleep can reduce the appearance of dark eye circles because it improves blood circulation. It also supports the production of collagen, which is a protein that keeps skin firm and makes your eyes less puffy.

  1. Staying Hydrated

By staying hydrated, your body can flush out toxins and reduce fluid retention that causes puffiness and dark eye circles.

  1. Tea Bag Eye-Masks

Caffeine and antioxidants present in tea can be used in the form of DIY eye-masks to stimulate blood circulation.

  1. Using Cosmetics

Using eye creams that contain certain vitamins, acids or antioxidants can hydrate and brighten the skin around your eyes. Some also resort to using makeup products like concealer to cover up their dark eye circles, but this is only a temporary solution that doesn’t help your eyes relax.

What Energia’s Miracle Power Eye Recharge Therapy Can Do to Relax Your Tired Eyes

By utilising technology hailing from Russia and implementing a Korea patented Colour Impulse Therapy on top of that, Energia devised a revolutionary eye exerciser that uses colour impulse therapy to naturally stimulate the cells deep into the eye tissues that can effectively improve eye vision to help with eye fatigue. This therapy is excellent for students, desk-bound workers, drivers, or senior citizens who spend long hours straining their eyes.

There are different programmes specially formulated for different eye conditions:

Red mode – Vitality; increases blood circulation.

Green mode – Recovery; stabilises the mind and body.

Blue mode – Balance; accelerates growth.

tired eyes treatment for eye fatigue

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