Why Are Young Singaporean Girls Obsessed With Being Thin?

Why Are Young Singaporean Girls Obsessed With Being Thin?

Early detection at home can prevent eating disroders

Early detection at home can prevent eating disorders

The well known Singaporean addiction to being thin is known to begin as early as 8 years of age.

With the global pressure of looking slim dictated by the media and social influences, Singapore has been one of the worse hit nations in eating disorders.

With the advent of numerous crash diets and slimming parlours, the fat-phobic society that constitutes Singapore pays millions of dollars each year on becoming and staying thin.

Help Begins At Home

Parents can detect the problem at home by staying alert for the following symptoms in the family:

• Paranoia of growing fat

• Obsession with self image and body

• Body weight consistently below the recommended amount

• Inconsistency in menstrual cycle

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Steps to be Taken

Parents need to take control of mealtimes, especially while the children are moving from childhood into the teenage years.

Be strict with mealtimes and make the family eat together.

Teens need to consume protein rich diets for optimal growth and development. Not agreeing to follow the recommended diet needs to be addressed firmly.

Also, get rid of the weighing scales from the house for a while. They only add to the fixation.

Stress related remedies

Eating disorders are about self image and confidence. Encourage your children to pursue activities they like and always keep the lines of communication open. Find out what the emotional triggers are for the condition. Empower your girl to develop strength and face life’s struggles and manage them without getting stressed.

Exercise, yoga, nature walks and creative pursuits help to relieve the stress of the growing years.

Cases of Anorexia and Bulimia have been on the rise in Singapore for a while now. The medical fraternity suggests holistic approaches which address psychological traits, genetic information and social influences.

If you detect an eating disorder in your family, take charge, offer support and get professional help today.

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