The Best Morning Ritual Revealed!

The Best Morning Ritual Revealed!

Be thankful for all you have at every sunrise

Be thankful for all you have at every sunrise

Good Morning!

Did you know that your actions and thoughts on arising in the morning set the pace for your entire day?

This means that a grumpy, stressful morning is more likely to result in a bad day. You may have experienced this yourself a few times.

So if the power to create our lives is in our hands, why don’t we make the most of it?

Here are a few tips on how to ensure you lay down a positive foundation for each day of your life:

Lets begin with….


Yes, a simple thought of being grateful for all that you have not only makes you feel good but changes the energy around you. Try this simple exercise to begin with. Say a simple ‘thank you’ when you get up in the morning. In fact as soon as your eyes open. Replace the usual rapid entry of negative stress into your space with a simple ‘thank you’. See how this manifests over the next few days.


Your breath controls your life, in many more ways than just keeping you alive. Ancient wisdom of many cultures place immense emphasis on the breath and the way air enters our body and leaves it. The fact is that a person who is stressed and leads an unhealthy lifestyle tends to take shallow, quick breaths. One who is calm and healthy will take in deep breaths at a slower pace which is beneficial for all internal organs and bodily functioning. Therefore, practice pranayama or breathing exercises everyday.

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Once you begin your breathing exercises, add a simple yoga routine. Learn basic postures from a trained teacher or join a class. This will work on multiple levels of your body and mind, clearing your space for the entire day.


The food you consume in the morning fuels your system for the day. A good breakfast will ensure you don’t overeat at lunch or during breaks throughout the day. Include cereals, oatmeal, eggs, fruit, good carbs such as lentils, beans and whole grain products if you can.

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