AcuGraph Analysis

What is AcuGgraph Energy Health Screening?

The AcuGraph Energy Health Screening measures and analyses the energy level of each acupuncture meridian. Acupuncture meridians are invisible energy pathways in your body. It is a process to screen the entire body and identify potential weak areas in the system – long time before a DISEASE can manifest. In addition to these information it would be very beneficial to identify and treat blockages in the body system to prevent chronic diseases.

Who needs AcuGgraph Energy Health Screening?

In times of high physical and emotional stress, depression, crises, food toxicity, air pollution, lack of energy and lack of exercise, etc. everyone needs AcuGgraph Energy Health Screening. The AcuGgraph Energy Health Screening process is a perfect indicator for energy leakage in any meridian or organ before disease manifestation, which means a disturbance can easily and effortlessly be treated. In addition the AcuGgraph Energy Health Screening process can identify meridian blockages and monitors the healing process during a treatment sequence. With health screening and the correct treatment all energy levels will stay in the normal range – pathological issues cannot develop.