Stay Healthy At Your Work Place

Stay Healthy At Your Work Place

Stay active even if you're sitting in one place all day!

Stay active even if you’re sitting in one place all day!

A healthy lifestyle at work results in greater productivity, lesser absenteeism and a reduction in long term healthcare costs.

When you value your health at work, it not only affects your overall health but contributes positively to the overall benefit of the company.

Here are some ways you can introduce healthy lifestyle options at your workplace, in some small and easy steps:

Watch those eating habits

We tend to snack often when inside a chilled, air-conditioned office. But watch what it is that you’re munching on. Avoid caffeine. Try not to exceed a cup of coffee a day. Carry fresh fruits and nuts and opt for the healthy meal options from the office cafeteria. Carry along a home cooked lunch if required. Drink lots of water and keep hydrated. Many times when we are working, it is difficult to remember this, but it is important to keep sipping on water even if you do not feel particularly parched!

Seating and posture

Office work needs you to sit at a single seat most of the time, unless yours requires you to travel a lot as well. Make sure your seat and desk are ergonomically designed. Your desk should be lit well enough for you to work comfortably. Do not be at your desk all day long without a break. Make sure you are walking around and you are stretching often.

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Instead of gluing yourself to the computer and to your seat, take the stairs to the lunch room or walk after lunch with your office colleagues. Take the stairs to your office instead of the lift. Check if your office subsidizes memberships to the local gym or use the office one. Its for you.

Watch out for mental stress

If you are feeling too stressed at work, bring it to the notice of your HR department or your supervisor. Unmanaged stress can lead to health problems leading to inefficiency at work and absence from work due to your health conditions.

Work timings

Watch the number of hours you put in at work. Balance is very important. There are some days you might have to work long hours. Make sure you compensate with some compensatory offs or down time at work.

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