Energia Corset

Energia Corset


Relaxing, rejuvenating, regenerating you, restoring your health all around!

Integrated with tourmaline and other minerals using nanotechnology, there is the perpetual emission of alpha waves, negative ions and far-infrared rays from the fabric that gives it amazing benefits.

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Recommended for those who not only desire to perfect their sleep but also to experience its amazing benefits

Improves blood flow and energy flow of the major organs around the waist such as liver, kidneys, pancreas, bone marrow and the reproductive organs

Improving sleep quality and removal of toxin

Improves digestion and bowel problems

Protects body from radiation

Relieves lower back and waist joint discomfort

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Weight 1 kg
Size: S (45 in) / M (50 in) / L (55 in) / XL (60 in)
Colour: Light brown
Care: The outer covering can be machine wash with laundry detergent and dry. DO NOT WASH the inner energy piece.
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