4 Energia Beads


4 Energia Beads

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“Water of Life”

Turn tap water into “Water of Life” with Rev22 Energia Beads. Upon contact with the Rev22 Energia Beads, the water will turn alkaline, get energized and become anti-oxidant. That’s because these beads are uniquely formulated with tourmaline and various minerals that emit far-infrared rays and negative ions.

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The water molecules will then become micro-clustered for easier and faster absorption by body cells. They also hydrate the body and remove toxins more efficiently at the cellular level, helping to break down fats and keeping the arteries and colon clean and healthy. The mild alkaline pH of 8.5 of the water also helps to counter over-acidity in the body, while the anti-oxidant property helps to combat harmful free radicals and boost the immune system.

  • Energized and ionized water
  • Break down fats, keeping arteries and colon clean and healthy
  • Maintain water pH level at around 8.5, counteracting over-acidity in the body
  • Anti-oxident property that combats harmful free radicals and boost immune system
  • Detoxification and micro-cluster property that hydrates body and remove toxins efficiently at cellular level


Weight: ≈ 50 g
Use: 1. Rinse the beads two or three times
2. Immerse the beads(50gm)into 1 litre glass, porcelain or BPA-free plastic container.
3. Immerse for at least 10 mins before drinking.
4. Keep topping up water.
Care: Do NOT use beads with hot water.
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