Frequently Asked Questions

Energia is a wellness brand that means ‘Energy’ in Spanish. Rev22 Energia products is a healing system that uses nanotechnology to clear the blood stream and healing numerous illnesses and overall health for people of all ages. The products offer renewed energy, health and general well being.

The Rev22 Energia sleeping system can be used for people suffering from issues in their bloodstream which can result in aches, pains, skin problems and others related to lack of proper bodily circulation. People with degenerative diseases can also get a lot from the system as it helps them heal in many levels. Energia can be complementary therapy for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and more. People who are seeking a natural solution to their health issues can also take advantage of the system’s health benefits. Those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy can also benefit from REV22 Energia.

In fact, even healthy people can improve their immune system by sleeping with the Energia Sleeping System. It enables their body to fight off common viral infections and common degenerative diseases like respiratory diseases, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and even thyroid problems.

Rev22 Energia can make your bloodstream healthy, and since this “river of life” reaches every cell in your body, you can expect rejuvenation that runs deep inside you. You will start to feel better with the body empowered to heal itself from years of abuse. The Energia experience is like an overhaul of your internal system.

Though REV 22 Energia’s system can be slotted under an alternative healing or wellness system, it’s based on a scientific nanotechnology method. This allows integrated tourmaline from the system’s fabrics via its various products to penetrate the cells in the body. This special fabric emits alpha waves, far infrared rays, and negative ions that provide the body means to improve its metabolism (conversion of light energy to heat energy), and flush out toxins in the process too. This technology makes it effective with obvious returns.

The most primary effects of the Energia system are better sleep, noticeable energy level increase, mental clarity, and a significant reduction in body aches and pains. Internally your body is also rejuvenated on many levels. However, you need to have your real-time observation microscopy to see improvement of the health of your blood cells.

The Energia sleeping system has an expected lifespan of more than five years. The wear and tear of the fabric are the key. When the energy fabric remains intact, the system will continue to emit alpha waves, FIR, and negative ions. Experiences with the product differ widely with different users. Some can feel the effects as soon as a week, and some can take advantage of the system’s health benefits only after three months.

REV22 Energia is very safe. Pregnant women can use it. In fact, many women have reported improved pregnancy experiences after using the system! It improves pregnancies dramatically by ridding women of the dreaded morning sickness. Since the bloodstream of the mother is improved, the foetus growing inside her will also have better health throughout its term.

People from all ages and people with different backgrounds can take advantage of the health benefits of the Energia system. Even if you don’t sleep for long, you will feel refreshed after your few hours of slumber, as may be the case with elder individuals.

The Energia system is made from natural materials, and it is not a powered system. There is no electric current, so people with pacemakers and other medical devices in their body are safe from using the system.

The Energia sleeping system is an ideal complementary therapy for people undergoing chemo or radiotherapy. The system is designed to impact the bloodstream positively, reducing the horrible effects of these medical therapies. Chances of the cancer cells mutating is also reduced due to the stabilized alkalinity of the blood.

The cover is washable, but the energy pieces (mattress pad, comforter, and pillow) should not be exposed to water. The energy pieces can be aired indoors.