At-Home Remedies For Your Indigestion

At-Home Remedies For Your Indigestion

Chew on some gum to relieve indigestion!

Chew on some gum to relieve indigestion!

Occasionally, there’s a dinner party or a day out where you are tempted to try out an array of gastronomical delights!

All’s well, till the indigestion hits you soon after.

Your stomach aches and that burning sensation caused by acidic fluids can be pretty unbearable.

Since the main cause of indigestion is consuming oily, spicy or excess food, its just a matter of allowing your stomach to regain its functions.

Meanwhile, you can try these easy-to-organize remedies to keep the discomfort at bay:

Chew on fennel seeds

Dry roast a teaspoon of fennel seeds and either chew these directly, releasing the juices into your system or make a fennel tea by adding the powdered version to warm water. This will control the bloating and pain and prevent you from feeling sick.


If you can’t get yourself home before the symptoms arise, pop some chewing gum into your mouth for instant relief. Gum releases extra saliva which assists in the difficult digestive job you have offered your system!

Ginger with salt

Another helpful tip is chewing a piece of ginger with salt on it. The ginger acts as a stimulant for digestion to buck up and work harder. Ginger tea made from warm water and grated ginger is also a quick home remedy. Add a little lemon juice to it.

Herbal teas

Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee or normal tea after a heavy meal, opt for a cup of herbal tea. Chamomile is calming while peppermint fights tummy trouble with ease.

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Basil leaves

Boil a spoon of basil leaves in warm water, then cover and keep it for a while till the water is infused with healing basil juices. Sip this magical concoction, at intervals of a few hours, till you find relief.

Sleep on your left side

Yes, that’s right! Sleeping while being turned onto your left side reduces heartburn and relieves acid reflux. Also though sleeping right after a big meal is one of the worst things you can do, for cases of indigestion, it is recommended. A lack of sleep will worsen the condition. So try one or two of the above methods and get to bed early for a full night’s sleep.

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