5 Reasons Why Married Couples Can’t Fall Asleep Even After Making Love

5 Reasons Why Married Couples Can’t Fall Asleep Even After Making Love

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Address the issue that’s bothering you!

Have you experienced a night when after a loving night with your spouse, you still can’t fall asleep?

You stay wide awake till late in the night, and end up waking up exhausted the next day.

If this happens regularly, you might want to consider the following reasons.

1. Active Thoughts

Even though your body is tired, it doesn’t mean that your mind is ready to retire. A racing mind is very common amongst people who can’t fall asleep easily. This is also one of the top reasons for insomnia. Even if they are trivial thoughts, they can still keep you from sleeping deeply and peacefully.

2. Uncomfortable Sleep Environment

The environment has a significant impact on your sleep’s quality. Is the room getting too hot or too cold? Is the mattress comfortable for you? You might think that these are unimportant details, but they do affect how you sleep.

3. What You Eat Before Bed

The food you have consumed before bed can interrupt a good sleep. If you have a heavy meal for dinner, chances are that you will feel very sleepy right after that. But when it comes to bed time, you will be tossing and turning around.

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4. Too Much Exercise

Try not to exercise before bedtime. If you do, spare some time to help your body cool down. Being too physically active increases the output of adrenaline. This hormone causes you to be more alert and makes it hard to relax.

5. Poor Drinking Habits

If you drink too much alcohol, it will disrupt your sleep routine. Having a caffeinated drink within 6 hours before bedtime also makes it hard to fall asleep. Try to drink more water throughout the day. Avoid waking up in the middle of the night due to a full bladder.

A good night sleep will have positive impact on your marriage life. Try to have a good sleep routine that helps you sleep well every night.

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