5 easy ways for stressed banking staff to sleep faster

5 easy ways for stressed banking staff to sleep faster


High stress levels are the major cause of sleep problems in Singaporean bankers

Working in a bank is always stressful. Crunching endless data, day after day, can lead to accumulated worry and eventually, insomnia.

Sleeplessness, in the long run can have dangerous repercussions on your health and performance at work.

So, if you are having trouble falling asleep, turn to these tips for immediate help:

1. Relax one hour before bedtime

Try doing something relaxing that will allow your mind to relax. Exercise right before bedtime might get your endorphins racing, making it harder to fall asleep. Working late at night stresses your brain and also contributes to insomnia.

2. Cut back on caffeine at night

Do not drink tea or coffee at night. Caffeine, especially in coffee, will make you feel awake, alert and make your heart race. If you need to drink, try other alternative like decaffeinated tea or herbal tea instead.

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3. Turn off the light

Artificial lights such as LED lights, computer screen’s glare, can disturb your sleep. Try to turn off your computer early and reduce the light’s intensity to create a conducive environment to sleep. Refraining from checking your phone in bed also helps to fall asleep faster.

4. Exercise Regularly

A good exercise routine helps you to relax and refresh your mind. It also improves your overall well being and makes you sleep better. However, try not to enagage in very heavy physical exercise just before bed. Do a few yoga asanas instead. Find out which ones are meant for bedtime.

5. Try Aromatherapy

Chamomile and lavender are two natural sedatives that can calm your mind. Place a cotton ball or tissue with a few drops of  lavender oil next to your pillow. This will help to lure you to sleep.

A good night’s sleep means you wake up refreshed and are able to stay focused. Hence a good night’s sleep can you make you a more productive and efficient worker.

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