4 Common Skin Ailments And Their Cures (Part 1)

4 Common Skin Ailments And Their Cures (Part 1)


Corn caps

Corns on the feet can be healed with caps

Skin problems can affect anyone, at any time of their lives.

Certain skin types are more prone to skin disorders caused by the sun.

There are certain skin issues however caused by genetics, hormones, stress or a bad diet that can affect all.

Here are 4 common skin ailments and their cures:

1. Acne

Acne is a skin disorder caused due to blocked passageways between the skin’s pores and oil glands. Appearing largely on the face, shoulders, back and chest, acne appears in the form of pimples and can leave deep scars.

The causes of acne are known to be a rise in the level of androgen, a high level of glycemic or dairy foods and even genetics. Stress is also an important factor.

Mild cases of acne can be cured with creams that contain peroxide or acid. For extreme cases of acne, please consult a dermatologist.

Exercise, a healthy diet and sleep can unclog pores and assist with the healing process.

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2. Corns

Corns and calluses are alike. Both are patches of hard, thickened skin and relatively harmless, till they begin to hurt.

Typically found on the feet due to improper footwear or uneven distribution of weight, corns appear as small hard circles.

Treatment for corns depends on the cause. Prevention and cure options include insoles and special socks that allow your foot to heal.

Try special silicone wedges between your toes to assist the redistribution of your weight and improvement in posture.

A popular treatment is corn plasters: rubber rings with adhesive surface, applied around corns, for the purpose of healing.

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